Giambattista from italy - Professional RYA Yachtmaster

Giambattista from italy - Professional RYA Yachtmaster

Giambattista, Co-Founder

Our family had a great time sailing with Giambattista. He was very accommodating when we had to change our schedule at the last minute and gave us a most welcoming reception when we met. The best part was he enlisted our participation throughout the trip so we got to be skipper and sailor at various times. It was one of our highlights of being in Barcelona and I would highly recommend him!
Giambattista is a wonderful host and skipper......My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and would do this again in a heartbeat
We were all guided by an incredible well-traveled and professional sailor - Giambattista. I can´t find the right words to describe kindness he treats everybody with while patiently explaining how everything works on a boat ;) His knowledge is outstanding and he shares it with such easy and passion you find yourself falling in love with sailing after only 15 minutes! Not to mention that no language is gonna be a barrier in communication as Giambattista probably speaks all of them ;)
The real-sea experience on the yacht with Giambattista has become a highlight of our family trip to Barcelona. Skipper explained us everything, everyone tried (and succeeded) to control the vessel under his kind supervising!
Captain Giambattista was the perfect host - knowledgeable, patient, accommodating, multilingual, and just an incredibly-interesting guy to be out at sea with.
Skipper Giambattista and co-captain Dave were perfect hosts for me and my girlfriend who had the boat to ourselves. They were very accommodating, taught us the basics of sailing but also gave us plenty of space to relax. They kindly offered to stop the boat so we could enjoy a swim too. Highly recommend - 3 hours felt like an ideal amount of time too.
dave from england - professional rya/Mca day skipper, commercially endorsed, icc

dave from england - professional rya/Mca day skipper, commercially endorsed, icc

Dave, Co-Founder

Dave is passionate about the sea and exudes a confidence behind the helm that certainly helped us new to sailing relax and enjoy a wonderful afternoon sailing
Arrived at the dock and was met by a really friendly skipper called Dave, all the guests were offered refreshments straight away and regularly throughout the trip
We had an amazing time sailing and enjoying the day. We all for a turn at the helm and helping tack. Saw some tuna up close. Dave was fabulous. I highly recommend this to everyone. It’s the highlight of our trip
Nothing was too much for the skipper Dave from England, he can help you out with a few great places to eat and drink in the evening too. He was a most gracious host and captain.
Dave made us feel very welcome, safe and made sure all our needs were taken care of and showed us the basics of sailing. We had a terrific time. Thank you so much.
Professional, talented navigators and friendly, hospitable people. Participating in the sail was instructional and great fun.
We had a fantastic time on a 3 hour sail ride with a sunset and spectacular views of Barcelona. We both met up with Giambattista and Dave and they took us out on a private tour. They also answered all of our sailing questions this being our first time on a sail boat and were very friendly. We did not feel rushed at any point and felt they took all necessary precautions for safety. Overall it was a fun experience and I would recommend it for anyone visiting Barcelona who would like a water adventure!