Skipper dave from england - a  commercially endorsed rya/Mca skipper, , icc

Skipper dave from england - a commercially endorsed rya/Mca skipper, , icc

This was the COOLEST experience! I absolutely loved it. The sunset sail trip was beautiful. I will absolutely do this again on my next trip, I highly recommend it!!
— Emma - 7th December 2018
Unfortunately my wife and I were unable to go sailing due to weather conditions in the original day we scheduled the tour. Dave was so nice and so flexible and rescheduled the tour for the filling day with no trouble. Yet again we had less than ideal weather, so we decided to cancel and Dave was again very understanding.
— Shawn - 27th October 2018
We were so lucky to have Dave for our sailing turn...he is such a nice and friendly guy. The sailing trip around Barcelona was absolutely amazing and relaxing. Dave gave us a very different view to the city and explained us a lot about Barcelona and about sailing. The whole family did have lots of fun. Fantastic!
— Daniel - 15th September 2018
Dave is a very friendly seaman who know loads about sailing and doesn’t mind teaching you the ropes... we even got to steer the ship around while out at sea! If your in town you should experience this tour with a difference.
— Monica - 10th September 2018
We had a marvelous time sailing with Dave who was most accommodating and gracious when we arrived nearly an hour early and wanted to extend our sailing time. It was simply the best way to see the city and watch the sun set. I would recommend Dave and his was all round fantastic! Thank you!
— Meilin - 9th September 2018
Dave was great. Very knowledgeable and friendly. We helped raise the sails and do some stearing of the boat. It was very relaxing and a great way to see the Barcelona coast. He recommended a place we went to dinner the next day. He was friendly and we had a few drinks when we returned to the port. Great guy. Lots of fun. Great host. We had a spectacular evening. Highly recommend.
— Maria - 23rd August 2018
Our family went on a private sailing trip with Dave last week in Barcelona and had an amazing time! The sailboat was lovely, Dave and his co-captain Johnny were terrific, and the Mediterranean Sea did not disappoint. My daughters, ages 7 and 9, spent about an hour jumping off the side of the sailboat and swimming! Dave and Johnny were so accommodating and helpful with all of us including the kids. They gave us a wonderful recommendation for dinner afterwards. Overall, it was definitely the highlight of our trip and I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone looking for a fun and relaxing time!
— Jenna - 7th August 2018
We sailed with Dave the final day of our family vacation. It was not only the perfect way to end our trip, it was one of our favorite things we did in Europe. Dave is the reason why! He’s very flexible, funny, easy to talk to and genuinely wanted everyone having a good time. He went out of his way to be sure no one got seasick (fresh brewed ginger tea, motion sick tablets, etc). We sailed by the beautiful beaches, swam and dove off the boat, drank cava and laughed and talked for hours. If you do anything in Barcelona, sail with Dave. It will be one of your favorite days of your trip. Thanks for the perfect day, Dave!
— Sara - 20th July 2018
We took a three hour sunset sailing cruise with Dave and Johnny and had such a lovely time. It was such a beautiful, pleasant afternoon! And both of them were so friendly—we felt right at home. Even the planning was simple. Dave was responsive and accommodating, helping us plan a later sailing trip than was available normally, adding an hour, and preparing tapas and cava for us. Will definitely do this again if and when we get back to Barcelona!
— Carolina - 6th July 2018
We had sailing trip with Dave on 2018-03-16 and can really recommend it. Everything was perfect. Dave is very funny and amazing sailing teacher. He also prepared delicious tapas.
— Tomas - 19th March 2018
Dave is an excellent host, very personable and easy going. Highly enjoyable! It’s always a beautiful day in Barcelona and being out on the water is a real treat. Dave gave us both seasickness pills, but it’s best to prepare yourself at least an hour ahead of time and take them early, before the trip. You can tailor the day as you wish, learn a bit about how to sail, swim or just relax. I inquired ahead of time about a longer trip, so we went up the coast a ways to El Masnou for some beach and lunch before sailing back. It’s an adventure and something different than just taking city tours. Thank you Dave, for a really nice day!
— Nancy - 15th October 2017
This was a great way to view Barcelona from the sea, as well as have a chance to learn a little about sailing. We met the the captain at the dock and, after a requisite intro to a couple of safety items, we headed out to the calm waters of the Mediterranean. There he offered a chance to learn some sailing skills (I did a little), but mostly we enjoyed the calm, peaceful sailing time. We were lucky enough to observe a bunch of America’s Cup catamarans as they tooled up for their regatta. Highly recommended if you enjoy being out on the water in the hands of a professional (and maybe want to learn some sailing techniques)!
— Ken - 25th July 2017